Sites in Connecticut
Underwater Archaeology, Connecticut Office of State Archaeology

The historic record indicates that there are thousands of potential underwater archaeological sites in Connecticut. To date few professional archaeological excavations have occurred to allow us to fully interpret these sites. This map indicates the possibilities ahead. On it you'll find just a sample of known sites that could be researched. Here we focus on four that demonstrate both the diverse types of sites in Connecticut waters and the qualities that make underwater archaeology a unique vehicle for understanding our cultural heritage.

Bank Street
Brownstone Schooner
Bridgeport Barges
Dugout Canoe
Frigate Defense, sank 1779Submarine USS G-2, sank 1919Lightship Cornfield Point, sank 1919Canal Boat August Demarest, sank 1917Schooner Franklin A., sank 1873Unamed Drydock, sank 1975Schooner Annie Harper, sank 1904Barge Fred T. Kellers, sank 1914Brigantine Adria, sank 1887Barge Charles, sank 1913Merchant Marine Vessel Mary, sank 1817Schooner Frank Leaming, sank 1915Oil barge Poling Brothers #2, sank 1940Steamship City of New London, sank 1871Steamship Agawam, sank 1854