Animating Science

Animating Science was a course taught by Anna Lindemann within the Department of Digital Media and Design for the first time in Spring 2017. The nine Digital Media and Design majors enrolled in the course explored how digital media can be used to communicate scientific ideas in new and engaging ways and how scientific ideas can inspire new ways of working with digital media. During the course, students had the opportunity to work with the Army Ant Guest Collection. With the support of the AntU team, they considered how digital media can illuminate the fascinating stories of the army ants and their guests and the scientists who have researched them.

by Bridget Smith









Life Lessons from Marian

by Erin Kaminski









The Many Guests of Army Ants

by Hanna Marchini and Rachel Enzie









Guests: Hiding in Plain Sight

by Henry Stein









Ant-U Collect

A Video Game Prototype

by Nicholas Donati, Neda Ghaderi, Ben Schultz