We invite you to visit our permanent exhibit Human’s Nature: Looking Closer at the Relationships between People and the Environment. As home to the Office of State Archaeology and the Connecticut Archaeology Center, the Museum’s goal is to tell a story that integrates Connecticut’s natural history with its cultural history. In this exhibit we explore how the natural history of southern New England has shaped, and continues to shape, the lives of the people who live here, and how people, in turn, reshape the environment. Through a series of short multi-media presentations, State Archaeologist, Nick Bellantoni will guide you through several story-stations, where you will be introduced to scientists, educators, and historians, from around UConn and beyond, who offer their unique perspectives on the intimate connection between our natural history and our cultural history. Come explore what geology, climatology, conservation biology, ethnobotany, and archaeology reveal about the way we live in Connecticut.

Watch the introductory video.