Dates: June 8-9

Size: 654 acres

Habitat: mixed hardwood, fields, lake, 2 ponds, mowed lawns

Distinguishing features: Historic 23-room mansion built in 1896, National Landmark 16-room Hearthstone Castle, greenhouse, and surrounding acres which included, at one time, one of the state's largest independent dairy farms. It was purchased by the city in 1985 for passive recreation and as a community center.


Total Number of Species: 2,519
Mammals 19
Birds 83
Reptiles 8
Amphibians 12
Fish 8
Butterflies 32
Moths 364
Dragonflies 21
Beetles 312
Flies 201
Ants/Bees 216
Cicadas/Aphids/Scale Insects 61
Lesser Aquatic Insect Orders 63
Other Insects 73
Spiders/millipedes/centipedes 59
Non-Insect/arachnid invertebrates 138
Parasites 46
Cyanobacteria 18
Photosynthetic Protists 92
Microbes 10
Mushrooms 82
Liverworts/Mosses 57
Lichens 33
Plants 511

Total Number of Scientists: 168

Total Organizations
Represented: 23

For a comprehensive species list from
the 2001 BioBlitz click here.

Interesting Discoveries
First time recorded in state: Tenebrionid beetle (Pseudocistela marginata); crayfish (Cambarus robustas)

Endangered, threatened,
or at risk species:
Tiger Spiketail dragonfly (Cordulegasater erronea); Goldie's Fern (Dryopteris goldiana)

Unexpected: an extremely rare ant species; Anna Tiger Moth (Grammia anna)-- not seen in state in past 80 years; Giant Swallowtail butterfly (Papilio cresphontes)--rare vagrant; Milbert's Tortoiseshell butterfly (Nymphalis milberti)-- rare migrant from north, several individuals seen; Bobolink (Dolichonyx oryzivorus)-- becoming rare because of loss of grassy habitats; Bolete mushroom (Boletus edulis) and Honey mushroom (Armillaria ostoyae) - usually found in late summer; Cortinarius alboviolaceus-- mushroom usually found in fall.

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University of Connecticut